Some Very Misguided People Are 'Poisoning' Ottawa County...

We Thought You Should Know!

We're Challenging These People In Their Own Words By 'Hitting A Few Back Over The Net'

Exposing people who are part of the problem and not part of any solution in Ottawa County.

1. Who is Joe Spaulding and why you should know more about him


Here's a sample of Joe

What a 'class act'

Where did Joe Spaulding come from?

No commentary required!


2. David Barnosky - Ottawa Objects

At his age doesn't he have anything better to do?

3. The Assault Of Lucy Ebel Is An Assault On All The Good People Of Ottawa County!


Wow, even Marcia Mansaray, the current Deputy Health Administrator is in on it!


4. Dan Scripsema - Teacher - Jenison Public Schools

Is this what you want in Ottawa County?

5. Eric Zane - Podcaster and Radio Personality "Says What He Feels"

Who is the real Eric Zane? WARNING: F-bombs!

Eric Zane - The Other Side

6. The National Media Targets The Wonderful People Of Ottawa County! These Might Prompt A Little Righteous Indignation!

MSNBC Does A Hit Piece On Ottawa County. Does that get your attention? It doesn't sit well with us!

Washington Posts Hit Piece


Politico Hit Piece


7. Ottawa County Health Dept. - Is Personal Health A Public Matter?

Adeline Hambley - Temp. Health AdministratorGwen Unzicker, M.D. - Medical Director

8. The Assault Of Anna Hendricks Is An Assault On All The Good People Of Ottawa County!


9. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds - What The Outgoing Commissioners Did On 'Their Way Out The Door'!

The Previous Ottawa County Board of Commissioners 'rushed' to spend $57 million in relief funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act. The county had until 2024 to make those decisions. What you'll learn will set your hair on fire!!

Video coming...