Let's Make This End

The Biggest Mental Obstacle You'll Need To Overcome Is "How Could That Be True?" How do I Know... I Had To And So Did All The People In These Videos! You will too!

1. Advice From A Bosnian - 3:00

2. The Hospital Murdered My Father - 1:34

3. Ukraine Doesn't Have Sovereign Borders - 3:03

4. Raising Up Warriors - 2:54

5. They Wanted A War On Terror - 2:14

6. Earthquake Kills 30,000+ With No Epicenter - 1:25

7. The Accountability Phase Is Coming - 0:51

8. The Financial System Is The Problem - 4:30

9. Only One Way To Deal With These People - 2:16

10. Why Nuremberg Trials 2.0 - 0:42

11. A Prison Of Lies And Deceipt - 2:31

12. We've all been abused - 6:43

13. They're All In On It! - 0:15

14. It's A 'Fear' Pandemic - 0:18

15. Can't Sit On The Sidelines - 3:31



We've All Been 'Abused' By The Systems; Which Is Why We Need To Make It End!! All we have to do is 'Unite As A FORCE Of ONE'!

There is no political solution! This is a battle of information! When we win it, we not only END this, but we will then create and implement new systems that work for everyone! It's time to stop being prisoners of our past and be the architects of our future! All we have to do is 'Unite As A FORCE Of ONE'!